Security Solution


We proffer a range of IR camera options with built-in IR LEDs that are able to perceive images in almost absolute darkness, providing clear, comprehensive video clarity at nighttime for round-the-clock video surveillance.
Being a leading and reputed company, we believe that monitoring your property from any sort of outside threat is the right solution to safeguard both life and property. The IR cameras that we install are capable of programming the minute detail with its enhanced image quality which will give you quick data analysis.
When it comes to 360 degree security solutions, you can restore your faith in us in providing you complete package of security as well as keeping a watchful eye on your home or business.

Dome Cameras

At, Soham Engineering we bestow with an inclusive solution Dome CCTV cameras security, featuring extremely dynamic technology and advanced quality programming. Because of their ingenuity, Dome CCTV cameras are an exceptional all round preference for video inspection and are easy to install almost anywhere, indoor as well as outdoor.

Our Dome CCTV cameras available with array of features as well as capabilities, depending on your budget like day / night mode, High definition picture quality, infrared night vision, mini-dome, wide dynamic (WDR), weather resistance as well as vandal proof options

These Dome security cameras are resourceful, cost-effective video security key for protecting your home or business. We proffer extensive assortment of indoor as well as outdoor dome supervision cameras prepared with the features and abilities to fulfill your monitoring requisites


Our company is a leading provider of DVR (Digital Video Provider) configured for physical security applications record video signals from cameras for detection and documentation purposes. Being tapeless, it stores the data on hard drive and consisting of advanced recording features is what sets them apart from other recording technologies.
With the growing concerns of security, our range of DVR security systems connect with video surveillance cameras, enabling you to record what the surveillance cameras see, and play it back at a later date.  
With remote viewing, all of Soham’s DVR security systems enable you to view security footage from a computer; you’re smart phone or tablet.

Attendance Systems

Along with many other vital security services, we also place our prime focus on the control provides security by giving flexible control over who is allowed to enter your premise and when.
Our attendance systems identify, verify and authorize entry to the premise thereby ensuring ultimate protection for your premise, staff and assets.
Attendance Systems can be widely used in confidential places for its easy installation and high security. It's the best choice for you today, to secure your life tomorrow. Ensuring you absolute safe environment, we strive to deliver excellence through our services with no compromising approach.

Security Systems

We are prominent and foremost company providing security systems, with safety solutions to suit requirements for apartment dwellers.
From protected and monitored entrances to safeguard of parking areas, we exterminate and wipe out the jeopardy/risk factors for your property in terms of appreciate security of live and property. Consequently, you can make your apartment immune to any menace of burglary, fire, theft, intrusion or any perilous criminal acts.
With years of proficiency in professional security services and securing lives of inestimable civilians, we have emerged as quality security system provider. Transforming the lives of the civilians and making their surrounding safe haven to live in, has been our soul motto which is reflected through our services. 

Door Cameras

Have you ever been concerned about your house safety in terms of who is the prospective visitor to your house? In that case, dust the worries from your shoulders and avail to our leading safety solutions. We offer you an assortment of door cameras that will help you see who it is when someone knocks your door, simply by touching the monitor button.

Being a convincing safety option; the robust design of the door cameras will guarantee problem free use even under moist, cold and difficult environmental conditions. Besides, the door cameras will enable you to safeguard any nature of potential threat from entering the house thereby creating a protective layer around each family member.

Safety Films For Glasses

Glazing in the home is at all times at risk of accidental damage, and if the glass isn’t hardened or laminated, the probability of it infringement and becoming an immediate danger are much greater. An application of safety window film will promptly and effortlessly upgrade glass to meet safety film standards, making it harder to break and ensuring that if the glass does break, it does so in a secure way.

Being the leading provider of Safety and Security Window Films for glasses, we strive to deliver high quality films for your glasses that can be transformed from your weakest link to a spring of strength, helping to guard your home and your family from menaces such as break-ins and severe weather events like hurricanes.

Safety and Security Window Films are available in clear, safety-only versions, or as an amalgamation film with both sun control & safety features. Designed to sustain the appearance of your home, the safety films allow up to 70% of the visible light through your glasses.